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Three months later, bolivars dropped 29 percent

November 28, 2018 11:03 PM
November 28, 2018 23:17 PM

President Nicholas Maduro's salary was announced on August 29 this year after Floating Market Complimentary Exchange (DACM) was $ 60.89 a barrel to 1,800 puan bollivals. The price of the euro was $ 71.16 per barrel now.

Minimum wage per month is equal to $ 29.87 (or € 25.29).

Three months later, the Venezuelan Central Bank and the international bilateral bilateral dealings have been reduced and the dollars were $ 85.87 per barrel, while in BSS 96,

The exchange rate difference was 41.02%. The bolivar's value of the dollar was 29.09%. The salary paid by Madoro was about 30% below the dollar. With the announcement of the financial recovery plan.

The euro was calculated at 25.89%.

Venezars get a minimum salary of $ 30 a month for practical purposes, which is considered a Dicom rate, and the salary dropped to $ 20 by the end of November.

Value addition is getting worse when considering the price of currencies in the parallel market.

The issue of salary in Venezuela

A economist Miguel Velarde explained National web There are two ways to evaluate the pay for Venezuela: hyperpelt and loss of purchasing power.

"Everything goes fast, the pay-in-sale capacity is falling, the true value of sovereign bullies adopted by the Venezuelan workers decreases," he said.

For economists, the issue is irrelevant beyond quoting official prices. Difficulties to official currencies mean that businesses must look for alternatives to import and import in the country.

"For a long time there are products that are unofficially exchanged at the unofficial exchange rate, while talking about products that are not happening here, to import dollars, to find an alternative way to get into the dollar, because Dicom is in a certain range," he said.

Weatherer explained that there was a fall in purchasing power in the last three months.

"If salary is considered to be such a change, it has decreased, since the value of the parallelism is still more important, and the products that Venezuelans have access to do not control the official rate."

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