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The verdict of the Constitutional Court is a legal mistake


January 22, 2019 01:15 AM

The Constitutional Chambers of Justice is issuing the verdict that the directors of the current board are extraordinary and unjustified by the President of the National Legislature, Juan Guido, "legal error" and "political nonsense".

During a press conference, Guaido denied TSG's "express magistrate" proceedings. In Parliament, "the only fair that people choose is by demonstrating citizens' opinions in open councils, international community."

He argued that "what decisions would be made" by Nicholas Maduro authorities by issuing NGOs and constitutional guarantees for recognition, sanction, civilian and military personnel to restore constitutional provisions and grant humanitarian aid.

The "State Response" for the Bolivian National Armed Forces, the protest and the power to join the Constituent Assembly, declared that the "requested" apology was anti-constitutional. Saving, Nicolas Maduro does not care for anyone. "

The president of the Legislative Assembly said that it is "difficult" before people who need food and medicine to declare human assistance as unconstitutional. But in the coming days he explains how he will enter the country with the help of houston, because "that constitution and human rights are essential."

San José de Cotisza, the Bolivian National Guard command, which yesterday had previously registered the facts that were extended to the abyss of the Military Agency, Guaranteed confirm that & # 39; s dissatisfaction. The application for officers is clarified: The respect for the constitution is not in accordance with an order violating the law. "We do not intend to divide the FNB, but on the contrary, we want to combine with a Venezuelan body in a respectable and loving body," he added.

"Amnesty and the Guarantors Law is a legal parliamentary, awareness and future law that wishes to intimidate and intimidate people in the military family," he recalled.

Going to 23. Stalin González of Greater Karaoke states: "UNICEF El Marquez, Millennium shopping center, Suzuki municipality, Pesa las Amerisas, Santa Fe, Barato, Torrexa, Chaco, Wittvanna Granada, Victoria Avenue," The great gathering of Venezuela on the street on January 23rd " San José de Cotisse, Pentu Luu Granada, San Jose de Keattisa also expressed their opposition. Madamagayum Republican Army Plaza had the support of the protest demonstrations yesterday libarttadaril L paraiseayile.

Parliament members have made 328 open councils in different parts of the country. "On Saturday, January 23, we must all be part of a new part of the story we're writing, a date to come back and fill all the streets of the country," he said.

At a meeting that is scheduled to be held in the present day, he will explain that the phase of legislation put forward, the ending of corruption, the international administration, and free elections.

Guido decided to implement "centralization of the change that we can talk about with the country's program and the reproduction of the country" to participate in "cooperate or blackmailed" into the opposite of the government.

Germany, Argentina, Aruba, Australia, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, United States, Spain, Finland, France, Guatemala, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Peru, Switzerland.

In UCV. Hundreds of students, professors, workers, administrators, guides, gonzales, deputies Miguel Pizarro, Gilbert Carro, and Jose Guerra at the University of Venezuela have opened an open-door hall in Plaza de Recodad.

"If we do not surrender and fight, the sacrifice has gone, but if we go forward, freedom and struggle will be worth it," the president of parliament ruled.

"We do not intend to split the FNB, on the contrary, as a society, we want to unite in a body that we love and respect by the Venezuelans"

Juan Guido,

President of the National Assembly

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