Sunday , January 29 2023

The & quot; Blockchain & # 39; A bubble | Crypto News


Researchers at Bank of China investigate the financial flaws of Distributed Accounting Technology (DLT). According to him, "a clear bubble" prevents market maneuver, speculative and other factors.

The authors of the authors are the director of Research Office of the bank Suku Jongo and Assistant Researcher, S. Shanav. Document, Calling What can a block do? In this, they analyzed the reasons for the control of the regulators. In his opinion,Social benefits are quite flexible and have fewer blocks"

The document analyzes the "Tonyization Paradigm out" adopted by some of the projects that make it popular. Researchers Only the tokens made by early currency offerings (ICO) have been taken into consideration. In your study, it is not all cryptocutive.

Research has been criticized as being part of the network's networking programs. So he asks for solutions to the problem of belief that leads to the network of blocks. According to China's bank figures, these solutions will be out of the network. For this reason, the need for a third party is often required by the intermediary.

Researchers believe that their work is inadequate, with intelligent contracts. There is no benefit to the outside of the block chain while implementing a contract: "The limited operating environment in the block chain currently exceeds those codes away from the intelligent phase." In addition, there may be an "imperfect" intelligent contracting problem.

In addition, the research team considers that assets and rights outside the network does not represent. For this reason, tickets outside the blocking network can not be passed, this creates a legal issue.

There is no justification for Angus and Chanwick for the design of Christo-Markets. Decentralized Autonomous Organisations (DOO)

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