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The junior champions in the 8 th 1-0 win over Valencia

Valencia 1-0 in the quarterfinals of Juventus Dornino in the last junior Champions League Final of the Champions League.

Cristiano Ronaldo (59) scored against Messi Maschuk and made a goal for Juu. Valentine's Manchester United (Italy) is eighth.

Valencia is also the third to reach the European league.

Click & # 39; The Valencian team took the form of the jouetis, which discovered the holes in the woven defensive beds.

Bruunno Ronaldo and the Argentinean polo dbbala arrived in the lounges player Jumeries.

Guevara was waiting for Guevara to meet the opponents of men, such as Portuguese Gopala Gades or Jose Luis Gaye. Yellow on the last day of the United Manchester United.

Goalkeeper Wozzy Sasecinie (45) and Makhor Dakhaki of Valencia put on half-century.

After the rest, Valencia put forward a step. But it was "the jue" that discovered the path of the destination.

Cristiano warned Napolei (47) who had abolished Flipkart. But the 10-minute pitch broke out of the ball and struck Bolt from ball before Bolt. -0 (59).

The Jevceus champions and the first in their hands, trying to calm the game, Cristiano Ronaldo's arrival is still facing a lot of damage and the scoreboard does not move.

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