Thursday , August 11 2022

The apps that made our lives easier in 2020 and the Latino minds behind them


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As usual, Apple has revealed its list of the best apps and games of the year in its App Store. At this point, the technology company has identified tools that are proving essential in the emergencies we will experience in 2020 because of Kovid-19. Behind some of these was the strong presence of Latino creators.

Apple has identified devices that have contributed to our ‘new standard’ among the Kovid-19 epidemics. Mobile apps that have helped us recover from everyday life, such as meetings, communication with loved ones, and physical training.

On top of the big and famous companies among the winners, there was a strong presence of Latino developers, who innovated with tools that give us an alternative.

Exercising at home has become a new habit, facing imprisonment, restricted mobility, and the closure of unwanted businesses. That’s why wake out! Has become an ideal option. It was born three years ago and is available as an app for the 2020 iPhone, developed by Guatemalans Andres Canella and Pedro Wonderlich.

It has been described as an ‘app’ that you exercise every day, thus breaking the indifferent pattern. Wake out! It is derived from the words ‘wake up’ and ‘work out’, which means ‘wake up’ and ‘train’ respectively, and provide movements to help activate the body. Every exercise is designed wherever we are.

This is probably one of the most original ‘apps’. It has a retro aesthetic and is full of symbolism and strong cultural influence from Brazil. Apple chose it as the best game of the year for Apple TV, created by Brazilians Lucas Matos and Joao Brant.

It is an adventure game based on the story of Dandara, a heroine based on the story of an Afro-Brazilian warrior from the colonial era who fought against slavery. Her developer describes her as a force that fights enemies who succumb to oppression.

Caribou has become a great place for those who want to connect with their loved ones, especially children. Apple has acknowledged that the app is one that has led to a trend towards utility.

Developed by Cuban Maxim Tukman and Spanish Alvaro Zabido, this device is ideal for parents who may not always be able to be personal with their children. Caribou has dozens of interactive games and hundreds of books for families to share while making a live video call.

Others among the winners are applications from large companies that have grown today despite the emergency created by Kovid-19. Disney +, which recently arrived in Latin America as a streaming platform, won the award for Best App for Apple TV.

Zoom, which is famous for facilitating video conferencing, especially in telecommuting, has been rated as the best iPod app of the year. Explain everything with interactive whiteboard features, including approved ones to enhance utility, enabling remote communication between students and teachers during school closures globally to avoid congestion.

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