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The ancient giant pandas are not bundled with a single stone

Unlike Giant pandas Who currently lives The mountains Southwest China And from them they feed Bamboo, yours The ancestors It may have already encountered extinction Diet Somewhat different, similar to others Mammals(January 31, 2019), according to a study report.

"For the past two million years, the giant pandas have been fed (faith) Results They have shown the opposite, "said Fuvan Wee of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and author of the journal published in the journal Existing biology

Fuen and his team analyzed his research Isotopes In it Bone Collage Modern pandavas Fossils The twelfth pandas collected from South India, Southwest China and seven archaeological sites.

According to the comparative study of information, one and iosotopes are different The difference in their food habits.

This means there are ancient giant pandavas Different food, Like others Mammals He lived on his side and probably did not feed the broom only Researchers.

In addition, the authors of this study believe that the food of the giant pandals has evolved in two phases.

First they had gone from there Everything In a second phase, they have begun to feed specially at the bud, and they use a special type that allows them to better understand the stems, leaves and buds.

The FIG Researchers They have prepared a plan to collect the pandas in different periods of the last thirty years. They know when the peppers change.

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