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That is how laptops are trying to go beyond the Games and convince the content creators

Nvidia has many years A comfortable place In the marketing of computers for video games. In many desktops and laptops we can find its graphic processors while executing the latest generation titles. Actually, the AMD can only now be calculated using NVIDIA in this task (we will see Intel developed in the future).

The NVID's small and medium tactics are its new graphic processors to integrate GeForce Artix 20 and not just in the gaming machines but also for the content creators of content. In other words, the real characters of Santa Clara's latest announcement. Nvidia is made The new platform, RTX Studio Specifies how portable computers should be produced to generate content that is added to their newer GPUs along with the rendering hardware via ray tracing (Ray Tracing). These are the conditions that these teams may face as part of the Artiks studio family.

NVIDI wants to subscribe to content creators

Creating this new platform NVIDIA responds to offering content creators an experience that fulfills their needs and expectations. What sets these laptops need in order to achieve this goal? As we can see from the beginning, your graphics processor must be a chip for families Geforce Artics 20 or Quadro ArticsIt should also be a Intel Core i7 microproxy or higher, 16 megapixel memory, 512GB SSD and high resolution screen.

This table specifies the list below for the manufacturers of Laptops currently in any case where the NVIDA seller is available for graphic processors by using ry rendering hardware. The simplest "GPU" is Artiks 2060. NVIDIA 4K video editing, rendering of three-dimensional models of medium size and complexity. It is the most powerful graphic processor Quadro Artics 5000It supports 16GB dedicated memory and 6K video editing of NVIDIA and rendering complex 3D models.


A very important description is the development of the specific drivers of the devices used by the NTI RTX studio platform, Performance and stability Those professionals must submit themselves for video editing, animation or 3D modeling. The challenge faced by the California brand is the fellowship of the latest content-makers, in which they will support improvements introduced by their new RTX GPUs. There is now Autodesk Arnold, Adobe Photoshop Lite, Unity or Unreal Engine, other applications, and development environments. In the future, NVIDI rendermans, Adobe dimensing cc, octon renders, and other verbs will come there.


The RTX studio platform with RTX, Ashes, Dell, Gigabit, HP, MSI and Razor is the manufacturers of laptops for the next few weeks. NVIDIA has confirmed that the first wave will be there The seventeenth teamsThat's a little more, but it will reach more stores. We follow the track to see what the promises they have promised us are.

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