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Status between conferences is not balanced after 12 days


I have now reached the necessity of a regular season of NFL, and I want to share the following responses to the best of their conferences.

In recent years, the team has dominated the American Conference and is New England Patriots.

The news above is not news. I find the black thread and confirms regular visits to the paddock from the pole. In the last four Super Bowls, New England has three players, one win two.

Three years ago, Denver broke with Broncos – Petron Manning with quarterbacks – champions.

In fact, in the last 10 Super Bowls, the National Conference has won five consecutive times and the American Conference.

Of course, in the Super Sunday, the United States has won three wins from 2014 to 2017.

Pittsburgh and the Baltimore team, who won the Vince Lombardy Trophy in the last decade.

At national level they have Seattle Seahicks, Philadelphia Eagles, Green Bay Pickers, New Orleans Saints and New York Giants.

Serve only on the paradigm of this league, but it's best because this season is one of the most powerful teams in each conference to review.

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National Conference

There are two teams in the league for up to 12 weeks. Both are part of the National Conference. In fact, in any power ranking, they must be the first and the second; The FIG Los Angeles Rams.

A few weeks ago, the group faced each other and New Orleans was beaten to innocent Rams.

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To be precise, one of the two teams has beaten the team with the best of the American Conference. Kansas city chiefs lost the Amazon in the final match of the sixth game.

The third argument in this conference is Chicago Beers. I doubt if many can reach the Super Bowl.

Bayres has won in the last three matches in the last three days.

Dallas Cowboys with just a record of 6-5, they do not seem to struggle when they go off play.

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American Conference

Chefs in the United States last season added in the second season of the season. However, they are a good team in the conference.

The FIG With the breakdown of the Pittsburgh Stylers, the weekly Jackson's farewell defeat to Denver Broncoz after Jogar 11. The defeats were sent from the first place to the fourth number.

Though it seems that the first division in the Northern Division has not been abandoned, Stillers has now asked for gas.

Patrick is now the second best team in this conference. They went to Class X against Titans.

Houston Telephones seem to be a strong team, making their performance better in achieving seven points.

Los Angeles Chargers are beautiful, they do not do anything against their chiefs, they will succeed. Eligible candidates will be charged as a credit card.

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The American Conference concludes that there are more and more opponents but no "solid" finalists.

On the other hand, the dominance of national, saints and sixs seems overwhelming.

I have no doubt if I choose a stronger conference. In fact, I think it's a Super Bowl Champion LIII.

Who do you think is the next champion?

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