Tuesday , March 21 2023

Sixo Rain and Eliageles add a second time


After the victory of Santo Domingo – "Bopa Bora", Sixo Rein, a good part of Latin America, returned to Venezuela. During this period, he joined the song "Fortnote" with his talent in the Talagukal Elegalles Group. The second suggestion is that Venezuelan singer is working with the main dominican group.

"The Origin Boy", as they said Sixo Rain, released this song on all the Venezuela radio stations and their digital platforms. The director suggests that this song is performed on various stations of the Dominican Republic in the channels dedicated to Latin music. Angol Sanchez, the art promoter, said.

Written by the "lucky" artist himself and produced by Unger Villamisar.

"When I finished my promotional tour at the Dominican Republic, when I met Vladimir (Ilegales leader and songwriter), we showed him the subject and he liked it, and we did not have to worry about it," Scrie said.

"Fortunate" is also accompanied by a high end video clip, featuring quoted naele and Justin. The Audiovisual material was recorded in Caracas and the Dominican Republic in an Audiovisual issue.

"We show that this is an inspiration video, a gratitude to all life's good things, family, health and thanksgiving to God," the artist said.

Citroen Rin is continuing to take on continuous action on internationalization. After visitors in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, and Peru, "The Original Boy" does not hinder his album "OMG", he will announce the next visit.


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