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Shawn Mendes ama la marihuana

Shawn Mendes es la portada de la revista Rolling Stone she wrote the edition of the year 2018. In the year of the publication, Shawn Mendes abdicates the sex of his wife, his relatives and friends, fuma marihuana.

Durante la entrevista, Shawn Mendes There are many resorts in the home, but there is a simple and unusual choice of chocolates.

Me encanta la hierba. There are no tweets, no to men, for real time to buy. You can also find out what you want to do right now.

Pero, algunas fans se Preocuparon por to notify de que Shawn Mendes fuma marihuana, quienes comenzaron a expresor succreresa e incredulidad. Algunas, incluso, se sintieron decepcionadas por ello.

Cabe mencionar que el uso resort to the marihuana regulado law of Canadá y muchos otros lugares del mundo, por lo que I do not want to be here If the contrary is contrauced, then it is possible that the drugs are treated as medications and ansiedad, por lo que no hay duda de que Shawn Mendes use for fines.

There are no restrictions on the rest of our lives, and the laws of law are not legal, Shawn Mendes It is easy to restore the ability to recreate the rest of the world, the only way to keep track of the romper mitos que la rodean This is the time that we are experiencing and experiencing the psychological and psychological consequences.

Además, es bueno que una estrella de la talla de Shawn Mendes The sea is completely honest with the hawthroughs, esteos o no de acorddo con ellos, siempre es bueno conocer algunas cosas the perspectiva de alguien más.

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