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Sergio Perez: "I think Magnusen would be back to position"

The worst marks have been confirmed on Sunday's racing points Silver Performance bad performance during the qualifying event made the fight against ten balls impossibleToday, as Monique Carlo ovarke should be Odyssey, it's similar to your cash cars. The British team needs a busy grand prix to fight for points The rain did not come at last (Although predicted 90% possibly predictable water) the safety car did not have the expected impact of its specific war. In addition, the car's performance is not that much Wait a great job before the whole team before facing the next Test of the seasonAnd Mandela layout will be held within two weeks. In addition to everything else, The stadium was at the fifth position at the racing pointMcLaren finished seventh in the fourth season of the fourth season. Carlos Cynas rose to sixth place after performing well. Later, Haas and Toro Rosso. They're just one single point.

Peres Monte rolls in Carlo

Sergio Perez (13 – point):

"It's not an easy match, but we've done everything possible, and I'm happy to have finished the Grand Prix In the end, we could not fight on points. The rain came down and asked for more emotions. But some light had a clear light. When the safety car came out, we decided to build a pit, but I suffered a lot of traffic and lost a lot of time in the traffic jam of the Raskus. Later in the race I made a move with Magnus. I thought it was a good step. But he left the chicken and retained the position. Finally, our fruit could have changed over Maghaptan, so he must return to me"

Lance scroll (no 16 – points):

"The team was a difficult weekend, unfortunately, the race was just as difficult as I had a good start We plan to use the safety car to get the track on the track. Then it was quiet. We were suffering in tires in the first round, and secondly, we walked in traffic. It's not the weekend we want, but rather We will reinstate in two weeks and strengthen Canada"

Otar Ezaf Wave, Head of the Racing Point:

"Today we made a good race in terms of our position on the grid, and we tried to safely cross the two tracked tracks, but the points did not go out of our reach. We had difficulty following yesterday's qualifying meetingBut at the same time we were hoping to get more of Monaco's predictions. The strategies allowed us to split tactics (ending Sergio and leaving the lance), but there was only a few opportunities to speed up the expanded race cars or use our positive position. We could not get the track on the track, and we were trapped in the train. That was not an easy weekend, but we will try to learn everything we can to become stronger in Montreal. "

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