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SAY and the expansion and validity of passports are counted in the agenda

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Photo: Reference | Alex J. Garrisia r. @alexonjgarcia

The FIG Administrative service of identification, migration and immigration (Seym) assesses the possibility The expiration date of the passport lasts from 5 to 10 years, As an extension, it is This will increase from 2 to 5 years, Pointed out Gustav viscinoDirector of the institution

Offered an interview VTV, The representation body of the identification means that this measure is due to the studies they are doing They "increase the passport expiration up to 10 years and expand for five months".

He indicated this process It is in progress, only some details are missing. "It has already been researched, completed, needs an account approval." If so, this measure is not valid, unless the approximate date indicates.

He announced the duration of a decade Passports will be accepted when approval of this new lawOn the other hand, people already having this credential They will enjoy the benefits of extended expansion From two or five years.

"A new passport will come, and the ten-year term expires when the new law regulation takes effect." Anyone holding a passport will be already managed by the same system and will remain in effect for five years. Vicenio said that ten people will come.

The Director of Sai says that the extension option is intended "Extend Passport's Life"When users use this document and they have opportunities, they request a new booklet when they expire, which is why it is essential to keep this option in effect.


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