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Russalaia is in the footsteps of J Balvin in the Latin grammar


November 15, 2018 01:15 AM

Today the MGM hotel is out to people and today Latin grami will be held. They will see one of the singers, musicians and producers nominated for the competition organized by the Lebanese Academy of Arts and Recording Scientists.

In Venezuela you can see the activity seen on television through the TTT signal. In the evening, a part of the city is ready for Gal. Promotion of future ozone concerts is nominated for the best urban music album for his album, in bright light icons. Odyssey, But in that particular category, he seems to sing: J Balwin pointed him out. You're vibrating, Calling the disk, it seems that it will succeed.

The Colombian who likes this edition has eight nominations, both composed year and album of the year. You're vibrating Television, radio, digital platforms and friend meetings have been popular since this year. The academy had to look for enough space. 2018 is still like my people, "this is not justice", "now", and "dangerous."

She appears in the album as a guest based on the theme "Brillow", a year-old Rosalia, a sponsor of the industry. Until recently it was a stranger. However, five consecutive nominations from the Latin nominees continue from the album "Malamen" for a song. This is wrong.

Born in 1993, the music of Flemcenco's electronic, R & B, Pop is touching. It was surprising as part of criticism and even recognition from specific pages like pitchfork.

In the afternoon, MGM Grande Arena will be held in the MGM Grand Gardens Arena, with Wick Smith's Marc Anthony, with the expected expectation and the opening of the event with Bad Bunny, "This is Rich".

Other leading presentations include Balwyn, David Aguilar, George Drekler, Kani Garcia, Mon Laufert, Fashion Lawford, Victor Manuelle, Los Recoditos Band, and Sebastian Travel.

Venezuelan is wearing grenade Maria Revas, Los Pixel, Claudia Prete, Miguel Sisso, Daniel Calvita, Linda Briscoan, Ulysses Hudgies, Gustavo Guerrero, Massa and Juan Carlos Lucus.

Latin grammy



Red Carpet: 7:30 pm

Ceremonies: 9:00 pm

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