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Review it using the game experience and opinion

It is impossible to recall the number of hours that I've got a concoction in my hands, but I think it's something that I miss much. Wecco in mythology Time Crisis They disappeared into PS3 and the music fans are a little bit an orphan.

Blood and truth In virtual reality they want our adoptive parents. They are not perfect parents, better than orphaned. Sony London Studios Sign up for a show called a pyel permitera where PSVR can not sell. It's the essential headline for everyone who has a helmet.

Golden Ticket of The Last Great Hero

After a false propaganda using a similar idea London heist, Planning to add mapping history and action film to a mix between the screens able to take from Sony Studio, Crystal Jungle, 007, one of the experimental experiences included in the PlayStation VRWords. Or any other Hollywood hit of the ghost of summer.

Shoot the shots that jump from explosives to your back behind you, and when the elevator cable is detached, climb a plane in a summer helicopter that you can drive quickly. Blood and truth It does not show any criteria, it's true and it works stupid.

Apart from excuses as part of a wealthy family of threatened boss of a wealthy family, we will try to eliminate those who want to take advantage of the situation to create a job. In control, a soldier in a spy complex would be brave and forced from the locked and locked locks with a pistol with each hand.

Here's the good news London heistThe story of the story is very good, and the ranks of activity allow for greater freedom, and above all, all the cinematics that move into history have long been known by the Londoners.

Shoes and explosions (around) at rails

We have come to explode explosives and explode the explosion, and we will do the whole game. You have divided into about 20 episodes that can take a few seconds, the game's motion may be a real shooter, We decide where we are going Coverage we use.

Blood 1

Black has been a bit harder since we went there and pointed to a place where we'd like to see it again Blood and truth Every time we see the control of that character. By clicking on the buttons or in the right direction, we can choose where we are standing or where we can choose where we are going. It will keep track of the goods by giving them different ways along with the game life.

If we do not have automatic repositioning, we will live all the creatures that make up those characters. In it, when the rhythm of music is rising, when we finish off the carrier, where to shoot and of course, to enjoy the show on our path.

I am lazy and completely fortunate Virtual realityThere is a sudden movement of all over the place, and I can imagine how to stop those who have helmet each and every time a bad drink passes. On the other hand, no need to deal with strange reconstruction, a form of joy that keeps me active in that activity.

Blood 2

Control options for all audiences

Played two PlayStation MovementMy biggest problem with the game is on issues that arranged me. There is no problem in the time of two people who do not carry a weapon or ignore that possibility, and when you try to allocate twice a headache, try to imagine that you make an rifle with some accuracy.

The reading of the movements shows that Sony needs a solution for the new generation, only by adding a second camera that contains another dimension in sight. We understand that we need to emphasize the importance of these matters The PlayStation VR is the goalIf you have guns, other parts of the game are missing a part of the grace.

I am talking about the asayannalekkuriccan uyarttippiticcekkavunna your hands, and drag themselves through a ventilation pipe, keep hands on his chest to take a charger included in the toolkit is a weapon, or use the characters in the lock to open the cutter cables, fuses, based on the small change of the operating switches and symbols To use an electronic panel or the handle.

Blood 3

Trying to use Dual shock It is still very much fun to be a driver but is far farther than entering a room with long-standing arms in the opposite direction. We have become an action hero, and if there is no movement in each hand, the sensation becomes very thin.

Visual Gap of PlayStation VR

Problems with a visual development: Problems with the correct readability of the movement as an additional user PS4 Usually you do not know the level you see in a level PS4 ProAlthough it's courage to guess that the improvement will be remarkable if you follow the same way as other Sony header, but there are some moments left in the need for the first edition of Sony Machine.

The vast distance is overwhelmed, the eyes are not blinked, the slowdown of activity, the predecessor of another character who tells his Malangasmas, from some point of view, it now appears through the edge of a zoning.

Blood donation 5

I finally realized PS4 Notably, but I have seen all the problems that come from Sony, whatever the feature of the game, but a lot of things mentioned above. If you are in full shot salad, it is not the same, but remember that the quality of the given quality in that console is very far away from promotional videos.

Another reason to want to give us a new generation is that I want to enjoy it again Blood and truth Let me remove all the emotions in the emotions without any faults of the spectacle, complete the story, shoot all four collections and weapons after the shoot or completely disconnect the entire clock.

Vidya's opinion

It expects Sony Stay tuned with projects like your virtual reality helmet Blood and truth. We all present ideas, experiences and experiences with so many ideas that we all have videos. Small and limited demos become more, it's a game with all the rules.

You do not have the title that promotes you to tell you to have this PSVR Yes, or if you have a PS4 at home, but surely one of the closest first party attempts to stop this finding. Interesting game featuring us in an Action Movie, above all, proves that Virtual Reality is just a factory of joy started.

Blood and truth

Blood and truth

DeveloperSony London Studios
LaunchMay 29
The price34.90 euros

the best

  • How to Live an Action Movie
  • There is no reconstructive jump
  • Many weapons and collections to unlock

The worst

  • The usual PS4 is below the expected quality
  • Some special issues with the PlayStation motion

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