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Relatives alleged that the couple had been killed in the death of the woman


January 23, 2019 01:15 AM

On August 11, Nikon Bermedes Munoz, a mother of a girl was killed in San Jose Kotissa. Two versions are handled in relation to relatives. They do not rule out cell phone's theft.

Sister Agrier Moonus Bolo Monte said today in Morgue, sister of the neighbor who is her neighbor. The girl went home to the container in a container at the entrance of the neighbor. The crowd following the protest are now listening. "They went with her phone, but she did not record" They say they have yellow jackets in a police force using a yellow cliff on a high-powered motorcycle. "Other neighbors said they were armed, they asked cell phone and they kept fighting, so they killed her, They said.

Other reasons

The second edition of the facts opposes the victim's sister's promise. The relation of the woman's relative was that two months ago Bermudas had broken a relationship with a man who knew she was alive with a girl.

"By ending this relationship, the former couple sent her to kill her, and they steal a police vehicle to confuse the police." We do not believe the phone's theft, "he said.

He said the gender of a drunken warehouse owner was the only witness to the crime. But what happened several times when Army officials questioned officials from the holist hub of the Army, scientific, criminal and criminal investigating agencies. Yesterday Sikpak was arrested by the man. He was waiting for the details of the murder and the statement of murder.

"First, the woman had two shots: one on the face and the other on the motorcycle.

He graduated with a degree in engineering from the University of Francisco De Miranda, in the Nikkei Bermuda computer science. He worked in the Public Defender's Office in the administrative area. A woman died in Greater Karakate in 2019.

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