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"Ravalloll figures are different from the realities of the country"

November 28, 2018 01:15 AM

In 2018, Domestic Security was presented with a Security Report. In comparison, the number of crimes has dropped by 28.4 per cent over the same period in 2017.

In the year 2017, 30 per cent of the 100 murder cases have declined. Around 100,000 people reported 47 per cent of the crimes. The crime rate is 27.7 per cent.

For Venezuelan sociologist Roberto Brisino Leone, the Venezuelan Monitoring Center is different from what has been reported so far, with the experience of Venezuela and everyday experience of Venezuela. They do not look safe on the streets. "He assured us that there are crimes that have led to crimes like theft of vehicles.

A total of 3,703 murders, 16,320 robberies and 4,440 robberies were also blocked. 38.3 per cent of the nationwide kidnapping and Capital District of India were 37.4 per cent.

89.5% kidnapping has been concentrated in Miranda, Araguay and capital cities. There was a 37.4% decline in migration. However, Brisson-Leone believes that decision-making cases are difficult to make, since such crimes are not reported and vary in the shape of their execution.

Regarding the reduction of the criminal incident, it has shifted to the reality of the "criminal offense" country. It is a change and a modification, rather than a decrease in events.

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