Thursday , June 8 2023

Operators provide Petrovce oil and petroleum gas for accurate delivery


Operating contractors are provided with a petrol agent oil and petroleum gas for proper distribution

PDWSA sells 4.45 million barrels of crude oil and is buying petrol vehicles to buy 1.2 billion petrol vehicles.

OPEC member's daily daily 1.3 million barrel network operated lowest last year. Investment in low distribution, Venezuela is more expensive.

"The refinery works, some of them are trying to resume normal activities," says a source of Petrolace de Venezuela (PDVSA).

The PDVSA supplies 500,000 barrels of Santa Barbara crude, 550,000 barrels of lemon crude oil, 600 million barrels of oil and crude oil.

In February, 40000 barrels of barrels of crude oil was exported and 1 million barrels of oil delivered in February.

The company did not respond to request for comments.

The PWLS sells almost all oil products through long-term supply agreements with freshwater distribution companies. The tender for selling crude oil in the open market is rare. In general, respond to the needs or pledges of money needed to prevent the processing of oil that occurs in the country.

Oil companies that have not yet submitted to bidars have already imported four lakh barrels of oil from January to February.

PDVSA is a special contract for buying 750,000 barrels of oil companies. Venezuela produces very low amount of motor fuels.

The Paraguaná Refining Center (CRP), the main component of PDVSA's largest complex, is also able to produce 955,000 barrels per day (bpd) everyday.

The 187,000 barrage was negatively affected by the lack of the Peuère Cres refinery. The LLPoda power of 146,000 BPD is facing a crisis.

All refinery cracking units, except cardon, are running out completely. It does not work properly, "said Ivanfrise, the leader of the PDVA, CRPP, comprising Adayite and the Cordon Refinery.

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