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One team killed an officer. Another PNB in ​​El tail

November 29, 2018 01:15 AM

Following an assault by Bolivian National Police Officers, the retaliatory action was carried out in an attempted check on LWI's Inter Avenue Avenue near the shopping center in the area. Information provided by the police agency sources.

The facts are handled two versions: the first is to stand on a bike motorcycle to check the documentary. Immediately, the driver ran away from Peyerarrolo and threw grenades towards the officials. The couple have gone and exploded explosives. There was a torture against the criminals, one of whom was wounded and reached the hospital, Miguel Perez Carano died there. A deceased offender or a motorcycle can not be identified.

The injured officers Miguel Perez Carnego was admitted to a hospital. Hector Alsura, Williams Crowe, Milagros Gutierrez, Darwin Lorenzo or Marcano Verdi cut off the left hand.

The relatives said the body was beaten to death. Viquimas, Venezuela and Venice, who were in Avianida Bolívar, appointed a special brigade for other processed subjects. Her six-year service at PNB, Prado de Maria, was a five-year-old girl.

The reasons On Saturday, in the upper left corner of the LLL, the 24th LL in the El Barandas region. El Seeker, El Colombia, and members of the Lokau Leo band have been screened in the video that appeared on their faces. On Sunday, a commission of FAES has not been investigated, detained or murdered or reported. Because "L 70 is a zone of peace, not accessible without the permission of the senior officials", an official said that the identity

The presence of the FS in this area has offended the culprits. So, examination was conducted. There, they took two ordinary citizens out of grenades.

Another factor In the kilometer of the Petarara-Santa Lucia highway near the PDV gas station, 27-year-old Sikapak's body was found, and Erik Jazzorororano Arenallano was wounded. Fire

The Globe Type 17 model, two phones and Ford vehicles, Fiesta Blue, ADZ74M license plates and sororzo stole. According to the journalist, at least 66 police officers and police have been killed in the 48 weeks.


In the first half of November 2018, the death toll of police personnel rose to 16. The main purpose is to steal weapons, objects, objects, and vehicles. In the same period in 2017, four murders were killed.

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