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Mujer se declara culpable de larar dinero financiar a ISIS | CriptoNoticias

Este lunes, Zoobia Shahnaz, resident of Nueva York, has been accused of killing and financing terrorism. It is used by the comic journalists of the Shahnaz comet and is the best-known artist of the Bitcoin.

Según is not only a publisher of the Department of Justicia de Estados Unidos, Shahnaz The proportion is total USD150 mil estado islámico (grupo terrorism también llamado ISIS) is a representative of the Pakistán, China and Turquía. USD22,5 mil fueron obtenidos mediante préstamos bancarios de manera fraudulenta, las entidades financieras American Express, Chase, Discover y TD Bank.

In posteriormente, Shahnaz utilizó una doce de tuja de crédito de compressed USD62 mil with a bit of money and the final cost of a transfer plan, junto a dollar USD65,5 mil (cuyo origen no especificado), a las cuentas bancarias empresas relacionadas a ISIS en los países mencionados.

Las Vegas has been involved in the realization of the real estate of 2017. In the last decade, Criptonotic reports report that he has been detained by Siria. En aquel momento, at the end of the year, is about 50 years old. Ahora, has been able to react to a 20-year-old man who has been indemnización da daos y perjuicios.

FBI investigated the controversy and the FBI. Las Autoridades has been responsible for a campaign that promotes the propaganda of the web, as it complies with the social networks of vendors, and claims to be mentally violent.

El Director Adjunto del FBI, William F. Sweeney, declaró que In the context of the detention and execution of the comic. Sin embargo, un estudio realizado jenio del año pasado parlamento europeo, determinó que las criptomonedas son poco usadas financiar terrorismo.

In the course of the realization of the field of departure, 2017 is no longer available for the benefit of the men, and has been challenged by the legislation that has been challenged by the lawmakers in the long run. This is not the case, but it is also a part of what we can do to make sure that it is not a miracle.

The Nueva Nueva York is the first of its kind in the United States to create a casual development of BitLicense in 2015, as it entendes, and most of the casinos involved in the crisis.

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