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Marílila Castro Dinner Dinner with Pasto Solaris in Havana

The most beloved daughter of former Cuban ruler, Raul Castro, Marília Castro, Spanish pastor Pasta Solar has returned to the news before eating meat. The average monthly salary is $ 30. Cyber ​​sperm.

Dinarar is a transparent deputy of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party's Carla Antoneli.

Solar and Antonelli are in Cuba at an event sponsored by the National Center for Sexual Education (Sensex), run by the former president's daughter.

Galla, known as the "Canto a La Vida", is celebrating 30 years of Sensex and aims to see the state of Cuban Largevelt Society. This will be the most important rights in the coming months. Equally marry

Manuel Vasquez Sigido, deputy director of Senesign, referred to the product of free portal "blunt" and "bad milk."

Vaswayz added that the presence of solar or antoneral sources was not enough for the media and that instead of Mariela Castro's photo gallery, "your favorite food."

"[Castro] He had sensitivity to respond to the invitation of our friends Ydalgo Martínez and Julio Vicente to receive two friends, "said a vaccus posted on Facebook.

One of the most suspicious photo champions shared, along with other snapshots of the dinner, was later removed from Facebook.

"Anything that happens with shame, innocent people and people go to work and work with hunger," a blacklist wrote.

"EOther users have written on the Internet that they go to school for milk and drink more milk and make people in Cuba more and more silent everyday. "

The Census Director has been the most journalist in the Catero family in the name of his uncle Fidel and his father, Rowl, who had been in office for the past six decades.

Kali says he does not care for politics, but the deputy in the Peoples Power National Assemblage, has presence in political presence and national television.

Castro, who tried to address a Spanish journalist, now uses a dirty snout & # 39; , Or criticized for exiled singer Gloria Esteaf, saying that "Santa" does not exist.

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