Thursday , September 29 2022

Mariam Welasco is the eighth Venezuelan Miss World crown


Venezuela has been conquered in the history of beauty pageants Mariam Welasco The new Miss International will be 2018.

In Venezuela, Venezuela, who contested the women's wrestling in 2017, won the eighth title. Venezuelan woman is on the occasion of her birthday celebrations in Venezuela. Tokyo, Japan.

Diana Silva: Miss Earth It is vital for me to represent Venezuela in 2018.

Maraime, a candidate from 77 countries, played an important role in 20 days of the match.

"This is a dream of each and everyone supported me, I am deeply krtajnatayullavanan. Venezuela's name is a reference of beauty, I am very happy ayirikkumennariyunnatil in the world. We have to work with it, we will have the opportunity to express," 58-th edition of the competition of the Miss International crown to heat before estnisch Ni said.

At the final show lasting longer than 4 hours, it can enjoy the competition on digital platforms, Mary was confident and smile. The exclusive costume and costumes for the match ended up being the special creations of the Designer Allanderdara Fjordo. As part of his speech, Velasco talked about the work that he wanted to continue to promote. "My goal is to have access to books for all the children around the world, respect, patience and joy," she said.

Within a few days, the MiHynes Organization Organization is expected to reveal the next year's Venezuelan agenda and the agenda of participating in the next year itself.

The representative of Indonesia elected the new queen as the crown. List of finalists was supported by candidates Philippines, South Africa, Romania and Colombia.

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