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LG's new engines have been announced for 2019 telecom

LG announced its rollout of Old TV TVs in the new generation of LPG in 2018. (Models C8, E8, G8, W8) Alpha 9 processor You can improve image scaling, movement, and micro data.

Now CES 2019 is getting closer, it's time to go with the news and the brand announced its next televisions to be included in the second edition of the processor. Alpha 9 is called Jen 2 (Or the second generation) image can provide an innovative treatment, some activities require more gamers like HFR.

Initially, new Alpha 9 jen 2 Defining the definition of videos creates the number of steps to process, and the clarification of the images according to its creators Shorten artifactsCompression disorders, and classical sounds in digital videos.

They claim that they have improved the ability of the processor to handle the side of the image Conflict or color loyalty Using a new algorithm that uses color references seven times more than previous versions.

Alpha 9 processor 7

Of course, one of the innovation of this year will be the ability to process videos HFR (high frame rate) Or higher frame rate 100, 120 fpsIf this functionality is offered from HDMI inputs, for example, the PC is looking for this mess but they do not signal. Players.

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