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Leave the boss. Now fashion is a hole


Some of the rumors have been confirmed. If there is a hole in the Samsung section already discussing that there will be a screen all the screen Top left for front cameraHuawei knew where he was going to do the latest leakage. Now, the first picture Huawei Nova 4 This confirms that it becomes a trend 2019

Nov. 4: Filtration two weeks before the presentation

Huawei One's offer is ready to want to get ahead of Samsung All the screen is not available on mobileInstead of making a hole Use the front camera. As you see, you will still love it today All sensors and fingerprint reader under the screenBut, The front camera stands on the main base You can not forget beyond that Mechanisms deployed on top slideLarger mobile misuse will be used, and more space is being used in the terminal to introduce an existing system that can be overcome over time.

Huawei Nova 4

Huawei 4 will see the next light December 12th (The mobile has a picture of the presentation already showing the camera hole), but in a presentation in China the appearance of its face has already appeared. This is the alternative Cleaner and smart than cleaners, The mobiles like the S9 are not enough to just take an improved advance and take a break. However, the trend of industry is what it is, and it will be reduced by some time Mobile is completely clean.

The best solution is the holes in the camera if you need all the screens in your mobile

We do not know where to go Sensors, If it is under the screen (this can be done with OLED panels to utilize the Pixels Response pipes), or they know it as they know it. The FIG The speaker for calls will be placed on top, Like some phones they like Huawei Mate 20 X.

We do not know more details about technical details of mobile features, its technical characteristics, or its background. Solutions of this type a Stage interval for missing the character, But offers some users an intermediate solution which can not complete the happiness. However, solutions of these types will not affect daily use, because that is the place to achieve it There will be great announcements, If we see one Video at 16: 9 on videoThis will cause the screen's proportion The black sitting on the blackSo we do not see a hole on the screen of the content we're playing.

Written by Alberto Garcia

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