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Lauriero Garido scored an unprecedented double in the South South African Championships

Eight gold medals were South American athletics

Gerdor Brolocco | CARACAS.- Lucifer Garido In Venezuelan's semifinalist, the best performance was in history South American athletics championships In 1500 meters and 800 meters, He won the second innings of the second Test Lima, Peru.

Its Guido It finished at the silver at 3: 55.04 at 1500m from the national record Edward Winuvewa (3: 36.96) Die worldWhen South Korea and South Korea were asked to qualify for the 2011 Olympics, at least it should be at least 3: 35. However, Argentina's Diego Lacover won 3: 55.15 Brazilian Santos de Oliviera (3: 55.18).

The rod of 800 at the time of Galilean Maradona's reign of 1: 46.27 Gelsin Robleto (1: 47.31) Peruvian Marco Antonio Vilku (1: 48.06). The record did not help the national record Wake up! (1: 43.54) RetailThe lowest in Italy in 2011 or Tokyo (1: 45.20). However, he was given two categories Doha World Cup, Qatar.

With this victory, the third Venezuelan connoisseur would be the Guild Head Bread in 800 m Leslie mentor (Rio de Janeiro, 1965) Hector Lops (Santiago 1974), the only two companies in the same edition are the only managers to be masters South American Championship. Ahmara Espinosa Record books were also recorded as the first shot puts gold to win the show. Brazil is 17.44 meters tall Geasa Rafaela (17,16) and Colombians Angela Rivas (17.10).

Venezuela's eighth gold medal was made by Heftelton Luserius Toledo The national record for 5,928 units crossed the 5,989 mark USA

The national teams have eight gold medals through Guido, Espinosa, Toledo, Robles Panedo (Garroch), Ganesis Romero (100 in Hurdles), Gonini Jamirimo (Dashathlon) and 4×100 Male Rile. Two bronzes were awarded with 100 silver and 200 meters.

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