Thursday , June 8 2023

It does not recognize its remarkable change in the perspective of the fundamentalists


Let's say this Maluma Taking care of his image, he tried everything: long, short and haired hair, without beards, even then we can find ways to surprise us. & # 39; Mala Mia & # 39; The songwriter has once again appeared Instagram A picture of her new look inside the cockpit, but this time the result does not seem to convince her fans.

For many young people, Maluma Its a fashion reference Clothes With the last senior leader. In January 2018, Reggaeton had been engaged in a wide range of industries in addition to Parles for Dolce & Gabbana in Milan.

But & # 39; s happiness 4 & # 39; The masquerade is not always accurate in his image. This was the last time that he tried with a haircut we never met before. It does not have the approval of all his followers.

A few hours ago, I published Instagram The photograph showing that radical turn. Jamaican style is a selfie that shows some salams, head now bowls. Add stems and palms in several weeks. He wrote an "un-flossito" at the bottom of the picture with an emoticon in the fire.

Opinion, his dissatisfaction with his fans, is that this hairstyle does not make them realize. They did not get joked. It was compared to other artists by saying "When will you go from Malama to Don Omar?" He did not feel like a beard: You think you are bitten like a crazy man, now you get a love panorch. "But after the initial influence, some have begun to use the singers' new look and love it.

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