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International calls are made using black tech technology


November 19, 2018 06:41 pm
Updated November 19, 2018 8:19 PM

Telephonic has entered into a deal with multilateral IBM for optimizing and implementing block device technology in Telecom's businesses.

We believe that processes that work best in the telecommunication sector in Blackchain will help us to develop a model of decentralization and to make it converge traditionally with partners, "said Glossola Martin Villa.

The fulfillment of these contracts will begin to measure the information of various telecom operators and decide their capacity in making telephone lines in an international call. This technology can monitor all these activities, which allow the multinational telecommunication company to study the usual products, durations, and proposals that are commonly used by users.

"Block kin technology, operators can create a new level on the Internet, it will provide a lot more information about the organizations that create data and transactions, but data itself," Martin-Villa said.

"The block chair helps the telecommunication companies to help with internal processes, or as part of the project we have developed with the telephony orientation, the process of reconciliation of calls and other information, with less trust, management time, and low costs General manager Ignacio Martin Santoos, in IBM's account, told reporters.

Operators, suppliers and technology manufacturers can use this technology in services such as exploitative data consumption, authentication, and data storage. In addition, different sources and systems utilize a common entrance platform.

The complexity of many processes is that the opportunity for the block of telecommunication sector will reach $ 46.6 million to $ 993.8 million in 2023. Report Research and marketing.

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