Friday , June 9 2023

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The new modern entomology laboratory was inaugurated

The government inaugurated Tuesday with an investment of 1.5 million Cordoba. In the past 24 hours, the Government inaugurated a modern laboratory designed to diagnose vector diseases.

The research and diagnostic centers will work to examine and simultaneously test samples for dengue, chikungunya, sika, leptospirosis, samples for HIV treatment. Raul Ubeda said.

For example, the Laboratory plays a role in the field of epidemiology and parasitology which helps diagnose malaria infections.

Propagation mosquitoes are studied in learning and their diversification, for example mosquito mosquito marijuana.

Insects, who are diagnosed with insomnia or chagas disease, will be diagnosed with bog or wincook.

"These are the major activities of our laboratory, which reduces the weight of the National Laboratory and helps diagnose a suitable diagnosis of our population like Sylves Managua," said the doctor.

"In 24 hours I will be diagnosed with all the patients selected for the diagnosis," the doctor reminisced, adding that there were more than 24 hospitals on health doctor networks. The Government first achieved this Regional Regional Laboratory. "

New labs have the ability to produce 50 samples daily.

9 hours a day, serious diseases will work in emergency situations. "We are coordinating with the National Reference Diagnostic Center and the samples will be processed for seriously ill patients."

He also said 1.5 million cordoblings were allocated for the infrastructure development project. More than $ 100,000 donated by the Ministry of Health regarding equipment and equipment.

In this particular category, the Malaria Laboratory (astronomy), biologist, two bioallanists, techno in geoaiology and two technicians in the field of engineer work in the Department of Licensed Sereology.

Bismarck Vallello, head of the ETV Program for Silise Managua, said: Families come quickly and with samples. Hospitals will readily read.

Before the sample reading, "We had no situation or required laboratory or capacity, but now it takes some time and trained the staff to respond faster."

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