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In the year 2023, the giant asteroid will strike the earth

According to NASA information, giant space scientists calculate Earth on 62 different dates. The first date for calculating our planets by August 2018

By Miyadidari Editorial

In 2023, a Asteroid 700 feet wide The earth According to the report of the members NASA The British News website, Express.

The 8th August 2023 is the closest to the space station called the Astrode 2018 LF16.

However, that Asteroid On August 3, 2024 and August 1, 2025 it is possible to re-enter the Earth's orbit. In total, 62 roads are on land.

As reported ExpressThe risk of this revolutionary accident is very low. The FIG NASA, Which has a probability of over 30 million from the LF16 crashing against our home planet. That's 99.9999967% probability.

Tornado Impact Risk Scale, this Asteroid It is a "zero", ie not as likely or unlikely as it may be. But in the future, the quantity and number of impact gases produce an incredibly strong material to track.

Most asteroids interact with the Earth's atmosphere.

At this time, that Asteroid There are 33,844 mile square meters per hour. The FIG NASA They evaluate it Asteroid It has 698.8 feet (213 m) in diameter.

According to News Portal, Metrics Asteroid They are twice as tall as the Big Ben in London and two times the Statue of Liberty in New York.

The FIG NASA He said the turbulent force would impact the impact of an object's impact on a 50-megawatt. The most powerful trade on the planet's surface was also broken.

Luckily, accordingly The European Space Agency (ESA), Asteroids You can hit this size The earth Less than a thousand years. In addition, one Asteroid An asteroid incident that killed about 65 million years ago was similar to a large asteroid (over 6 miles).

A representative ESA He explained Express Some Asteroids They are very large, it will bring great damage The earthHowever, the total population of the Solar System is very small. In fact, over 90% of them were found to have no effect on these.

"Some are very small (less than 10 meters in diameter) and very few, but there will not be any kind of shock." ESA Quoted Mirror. "The main challenge comes from the population of medium-sized materials, whose diameters are tens of meters."

Many of these Asteroids They exist in space, and damage from the influence of one of these space rocks makes a major damage to urban or densely populated areas.

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