Thursday , August 11 2022

In the Ano Soya, five children drowned in the truck



Five trucks drowned when Anosagioy arrived in the rural area on the banks of the Nazoi river on the road to Narikave Road.

The accident happened on Sunday afternoon in La Livi Bridge. Signs of what has happened suggest that the Gray Ford Explorer truck was crushed on a hill in the snow. Digital Carter

The driver found the 44-year-old Francis Montertone. He suffered chest pain and abdominal pain due to his six months pregnant Montaña. One young man, aged 11, has also traveled.

Montano and children reported their relatives and neighbors to visit shopping downtown in La Pandora, Barcelona. They were way through the village for unknown reasons.

The bodies were recovered with a trigger. In the afternoon, the hospital was transferred to Lugo Razati University Hospital Morgan Hospital.

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