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IMSS is called to prevent eating and exercise of excess weight in children

Reportedly, education programs like National ESSS, NutrimSS and ChiqutIMSS have been implemented to prevent childhood obesity and its complexity.

To prevent it Childhood obesity Its complications Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) Nutrimss "Learn to eat well" ChikutusPromotion and educational activities are implemented in three ways. The right feedSimple drinking and physical activity.

Nutritionist in this regard Maria Christina Matseuse Rodríguez, Coordinator of programs Health Promotion Division Nutrition Children below the age of 15 conduct their spot or physical activity to perform a head covering, running, jumping, and biking. Excess obesity, obesity.

He said important foodstuffs, drinking water, at least eight hours of sleep per day and physical activity were prevented. The complications in that state.

Minors are advised to accompany the family medicine unit Family doctor They need individual calorie needs, nutrition and water as per child's weight, age, height, color and activities.

Premature birth defects are more likely to cause premature death and disability Adult age. Lung cancer is experienced in children with respiratory problems, high risk Burst and hypertension Its early markers Heart diseasesInsulin resistance and psychological effect.

Maria Christina Sánchez Rodríguez pointed out World Health Organization (WHO), childhood obesity, and related illnesses to prevent physical activity, reduce sedentary lifestyle, ensure quality sleep for children and improve their physical and mental health.

Malnutrition Social security Parents are reviewing this National Health Primer, Weight and height indicates the age of children.

Also, reduce the amount of fat and ground level. Consumption of fruits and vegetables will increase Pulses (Beans, lentils) Cereals And Nuts; Reduce your physical activity by running, bicycling, climbing, walking, or doing some sports activities.

The baby's size and weight should go to family doctor or PREVENIMSS at least once a year. Go to the Nutrition Service to get advice Detective Dietician Eat a healthy diet that is ideal for the growth and development of the child.

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