Friday , March 24 2023

Highlight the chances of cryptography to make greater financial inclusion


"Bitcoin works transparently and transparently, a sthapanamillate to control it. Bitcoin change the economic system: how our money to move, store, spending, the credibility of the guarantee. That is why the main attractions strirrileyum the sword of Silicon Valley." of the founders of Rodrigo benadean Rannu.

Cripto247 hosted a free campaign with 8,000 subscribers and support from RPIO, BND Group, BitFarms and other companies and enterprises.

In a conversation with Tela, "There are over 2000 cryptographic reactors, the most interesting of which is the market capitalization of the most advanced and the most powerful in the technology."

"Bitcoin is number 2 and existing 2,000 cryptoctivities, thousands of fun cryptocutivs, and the value of dollars in tens of thousands of markets in Bitcoin," he explained.

No one knows what will happen with the Bitcoins values, we all believe, in addition to technology disconnecting, Bitcoin literally produced zero, and the following day, worth 20,000 dollars in December 2017. At 5,500. "

"People are cautious, engineers, engineers, industries, developers, technology, economy, and what process is within the companies," he adds.

"Bitcoin's computational power is the one that's plugged in to simultaneously process the transactions and Google's computational capacity is 1000 times more than that," said Emilioano Godski, co-founder of Ciporato 247.

At the same time, the set rippeayute CEO, Sebastian said, "Latin America's capacity to use technology to intercept, we have more than half the population of people accessible on the Internet, but there are problems: weak currencies and higher, the higher the inflation rate, cakralaya dimelusanum cost of international transactions, 65 percent of the population in the banking Leya does not adds.

"We believe that a big challenge is faced by technology and more economic inclusion and the creation of products, and our goal is to democratize the digital economy through blockbuster technology," he said.

Many today are very expensive to reach the base of the pyramid in the traditional system. "This technology will reduce costs and those without access can reach out and transfer them." He pointed out. The world. "

Diego Gutiérrez Saldivar, CEO of RCK Labs CEO of Argentine Company, said, "Bitcoins are the value of international glacier and what is blocking it".

"The property has been distributed privately, privately, and due to lack of confidence, the states have taken money in the last 200 years," he said.

There is now a transparent system of respect for 100% contracts, a possibility of recovering money, and we are likely to create next financial management, "he said.

On the other hand, the need to provide legal framework for cryptoccrations was analyzed. This included a financial exchange, financial information unit (Fewu), Mariano Extremadura and Central Bank Director (BCRA). Horacio lindo.

"We are very close to regulating digital asset markets in Argentina, but before all parties contact us," the federation said, "the communications in the G-20 summit in the coming days in Argentina are communicating and regulating the world."

"The controls of the twins in Argentina are aimed at fighting against black money and drug trafficking," he said, adding that "this excessive control is the opposite.

Lyndendo agreed, "You do not need to be confused with doubts, but rather to say things accurately."

"In the future, the Central Bank in Argentina may have digital assets in its trade, but when they are not stable they move down from the list," he said.

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