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Hair loss can cause cancer

Mexico City – Millions of people, three to four weeks of hair from the gray first hair begin to dry hair all their lives.

However, the National Cancer Institute of the United States claims that more than 5,000 different chemical substances are used for hair painting. Some of them are described as cancerous.


This means that these experiments should be used only with organic food, not burial, and our hair constantly or badly and permanently.


When researching a number of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma research, they found that hair dryers were more likely to develop the follicle lymphoma, long term lymphocytic leukemia and the small lymphomascium lymphoma.

Although they had conflicting results, they observed that dark-skinned people have a big risk.


Painting is permanently tiring, and this is a permanent problem.

Let's look at alternate luggers that allow you to wear your hair gray, which may be a culture of choice, or even making organic ingredients.

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