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Future EFE to identify the mechanism that causes the problem of the fetus


Check the condition of mice in a laboratory.

Researched stock image of the mice in a laboratory. EFE / ALBERTO ESTÉVEZ

The findings published in science advance use a set of neurological changes in children's development and child communication skills and some methods of treating Autism Spectrum Disorders (ATD). Suffering children

Birth and birth are two of biologically complicated moments, which in turn trigger molecules and hormones and accelerate the process.

However, there is little clinical significance about how the fetus's brain can be prepared for these processes.

What is the origin of many noronic disorders that originated from incorrect brain development, children born in cesarean section or problematic disorders are more likely to cause a rift.

Development of the brain

Published work Science Advances The French neurobiologist Ezekelsben Ariy will be one of the first to test the relationship between brain development, brain development, brain and autism disease.

At birth, the fetal nervous system stops 24 hours after the system and up to 24 hours in normal cases. It has a warning signal to prevent the development of the brain, "he explained in the study by Efe Paolo Bonifazi of the Biophruces Sanitary Research Institute and the Igarbasque researcher.

However, in the case of the ATD, this signal is not in your brain, and it is developing during delivery.

Scientists used mice to perform two processes in the laboratory to monitor this process: one control, the common animals and the other being vaccinated against the walpromic acid (VPA) in the uterus. Autism in the embryo.

The neurobiologist Ezekels Ben-Arie in France leads this work. Picture of neuroklore.The neurobiologist Ezekels Ben-Arie in France leads this work. Picture of neuroklore.

In the normal fetal fetal, the amount of rat brain has been changed before and after the radiation. Fluorescence micrometers are used to increase the amount of sachets and saplings in mice in the atotase group. Neurons in Hippocampus.

"Autism-borne fetuses have grown into the brain because they do not have a warning signal that they are wearing their growth after delivery," Bonifacro says.

"This signal produced by the hormone OxytocinResearchers say that the stimulation of anti-life biosynthesis, which warns of the development of neurones to prevent sunburns, and the remaining signals appear.

Confirmed that this type of signal is not related to authentication. The brain was developing during and after birth.

Experiments of the rat

In the second phase of the study, scientists gave Beematonide before entering Elizabeth Elizabeth with Ateus.

These drugs appear in the physical conditions of diabetes, as signals produced by oxytocin.

Scientists have discovered that in the genetics of genetically modified animals, animals can be avoided. This means that the drug interferes with the neuralological development and the nature of the natural system after the birth of the nature of the brain.

In parallel to this study, Professor Yashekal Ben Aries has been conducting a third phase of clinical trial. In many European countries, Bamadanid uses 400 children aged 2 to 18 years old. TEA EFEfuturo

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