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Fixes for experts to minimize video games


Published on 01/22/2019 15:01:37CET

Madrid, 22 January. (European Press) –

Video games help reduce age notification of age and retain fewer physical strength, said David Curtto, responsible for Sanitas Mayor's Management Management.

"We play a great way to try and stimulate our creativity." In this sense, video games are a Western technology to consider older persons because they help keep that structure. Some Physical and Mental Skills "Crout explained.

That was the result of a far-reaching study published in the National University of Human Neurosciacy & # 39; In particular, the use of video games with older people improves performance in different functionalities that can destabilize age. Such as activity memory, episode memory etc.

The first concerns the storage and psychological management of the information, and is associated with a reminder of second personal experiences

In parallel, they need to add qualities in mentally and mentally, improving the game capacity, mental speed, concentration, and creative ability of older people because video games are "less of anxiety and depression."


Using video games and games with adults is a widely used resource for promoting active and happy aging.

However, "Using it to achieve good results is part of managed therapy, organizing professionals, and aiming to improve the skills and skills needed," Crato explained.

"Professional surveillance is essential, video games need to use memory, reasoning, observation and physical exercise," said an expert.

"It is important to show interest in the work that works, which is suitable for the physical and mental forms of the individual and can not give up," Curto concluded.

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