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Find new Thomas in Venezuela

November 27, 2018 09:09 pm
November 27, 2018 9:09 PM has been updated

Venezuelan researchers found a species of extinction threatening the threat of occupation of their species. It is one of the countries with the largest variety of females in Venezuela.

In the northern state of Yarai, Siara de Arroyo has lived a small animal in a forest area. Manfoilde Millinay, Followed by the posthumous recognition of a Venezuelan herpetologist who submitted her life to work with Zesar Molina (1960-2015), amateurs and reptiles.

It's a frog, a black badge. The largest individual is 2.5 cm AFP Co-writer Miguel Mt.

The colors are brown, gray, and dark green because it is slightly larger than females.

The stomach of boys is white, and its thin ears. Most women are shopping color in color. Yellow throat, and black collar. The yellowish yellow color of the white stomach.

Another type of voice is the voice of men, comprising extensive ranges of individual notes, he adds.

Although it is believed that the distribution of its distribution in the mountains is expected to be much larger, the current Latina presence was known only in La Rodonna.

First copy Manfoilde Millinay In 2012 they found a stream in the area. In principle, we thought it was a different population Manfohe HermioneIt was widely distributed in the coastal regions of Venezuela, but doubts persisted.

Since the species is hard to distinguish between the species, it requires more research to ensure that it is a non-species animal.

The activities of this region lasted for many years. The photographs required for the description of these species, the analysis of the recording of their sounds, and 19 other species Manfoil

The research was published in a scientific journal published by the publication Zootaxa.

Mutta from Central University of Venezuela and Fernando Rojas-Ruji from Lal Salle Natural History Museum studied Mrs. Enrique LaMark and hermitologists from Los Andes University.

Endangered Species

Finding a new living creature is always a good news for science Manfoil It is contradictory to harassing deforestation.

Sierra de Arrow is protected by its northern end, but the rest of the area where the amphibians found, supports strong animals and farm interactions, and warned the scientist.

The researchers point out that humidity improves, relative humidity decreases, and has a dependent biodiversity. Water sources will be exterminated or disintegrated.

The FIG Manfoilde Millinay It has not yet been described, but the other species in its genus are insects, worms, and occasionally small pores.

With this discovery, 20 categories can be included in this category Manfoil In 18 mountain ranges of North Venezuela have been found.

The extinction of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is endangered.

"This discovery is based on the development of amphibians in Venezuela, La Mursa said in support of eight world-wide positions in the world.

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