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Ethereum's chain deals reached the mark in December 2018


The developer's Google Transaction Value (AAT) was historic in December 2018.

In the year 2018, the DAO hacked a division that resulted in the Hachi reaching 115 million in the third largest Google CropCoacron's chain link management in December 2018. & # 39; Supermarket & # 39; Settled in mid-October. Between 16 and 17 millions there are transactions.

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Ethereum's transaction chain volume

Ethereum chain transactions volumes. Source: Dear

At the same time, the dollar in the Czech market has been at its lowest level since the last 22 months. The value of last year's financial year was $ 815 million from $ 1,100 million in 2017.

"The decline in the value of chain transactions by December of 2018 was 97%, and the eighth maneuver is 80 percent.

Dollar value of chain transactions

Dollar value of chain transactions. Source: Dear

Deer said that the tariffs were not likely to intervene because the lowest rate for transactions in trucks was a certain amount.

ConstantinopleF's Forecast on any network has recently been terminated due to a security threat allowed for an attack.

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According to the Smart Contract Audit company ChainSecurity, the Constantiora update introduces lower gas costs (transaction fees) for some activities in Edavoor network.

Repeat-entry attacks allow unexpected side effects using some of the ETH Smart Contracts. A repeated re-entry will be weakened to make repeated attacks with money that can be repeated in the face of incorrect information about the true equality of the harmful actor.

After a correction of developers, Dean said that the upgrading of Constantinople would help reduce the prices of certain types of transactions. This will allow for better use of storage.

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