Monday , June 5 2023

Dragon Ball Super: Broke records in America


Although it was not released in Spain on February 1, Dragon Ball Super: Browley To beat Documents In the west. Especially United States The box office passes in previous recordings of any other image. This is the highest paid film in this series. But it's not perfect because it's only a few days since it's released Third film to earn the highest revenue in history.

The film, which appeared first with the title "Super", earned $ 10.6 million in its audience. 85 million dollars Pokemon: The Movie (1999), its continuity, Pause 2: A power (2000). 8 million behind us, as we have said Dragon Ball: Freestyle of Residency (2015), 2.5 million Dragon ball: war of gods (2014) was 2.5 million dollars.

The specter in Spain is going to break; In fact, anyone who wants to see the trailer in the Spanish trailer can be seen on the first trailer – it will be released on the same day – Mego, Browley, Pago Preeto, Vesée, Final, Pablo Domingues, Antoomasia in Franchise, Goku. Animation is a picture of 100 minutes of film frames.

Toy animation has been estimated by Troya in animated animations and lyrics. The director was Tutsuya Nagamin. We see that the reaction of the brim with the earth's brim is rendered in Spanish by the original box office.

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