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Demonce does not inhibit the restructuring of solar systems


With many remakes and remasters coming up in recent years, many fans believe it's time The spirit of the ghost A similar treatment is available. Whether or not an announcement about it, the wishes of the community can not be fulfilled, or at least it seems that the director of the game is Hitadaka Miyazaki.

In a conversation Game InfoFor, Mayasaki rejoiced with the idea of ​​a redeemer The spirit of the ghost I realized that it was possible. He said he was not a dependent on him, but in the Sony Interactive Entertainment, the distributor of the original release.

I do not think there is a new one, Miyazaki said Spirits of the devil, This is not the one you would like to work with: "When you write something on a young age, you will see it, Oh my God, what do I think?" I'm not shocked, I do not want to see my precursor. "

Thus, another studio takes over the role of rebuilding the character, preferring legendary creation. Imagine it would be a company with members who really love and accept The spirit of the ghost.

"The original study and teaching, if you really love to do this, prerippikkukayanenkil spirit, your heart, do you think you will enjoy it! This is a very complex and this is good orm'makalullatinal. Cintayekkuricc is filled with butterflies in my stomach to eat, I can think of a punarnirm'manattekkuricculla The fact is, it visadareagiyakkunnu me quite a bit, so complex. But the fact that I love a lot of users, players and fans DemonsSo if you do something that you can achieve with a study that you like it, it sounds okay, "he said.

You want to be a restraint The spirit of the ghost? Do you think it will be true at some point? Let us know in the comments.

The spirit of the ghost Initially started PlayStation 3 as early as 2009. Follow this link to see more news related to him.

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