Friday , May 20 2022

D Angelo won Russell Nuts' victory


Miami – In 20 minutes, nine players were born Be the best attacker Brooklyn Nets, He was at home at 104-92 Miami Heat.

In a team match with a record record, Nets (8-10) retained their fifth win in the last 10 games and last week's Atlantic Division.

Reserve Spencer Dinwid, for the Brooklyn team, has 16 points. Jarat Allan scored 13 points and scored double twice for the breakliner team and scored 14 goals.

Shoaib Nazir has scored six goals for Puerto Rican Basman. In a nine minutes, a rebound and a field were replaced by a replacement.

This is the third straight loss (6-11).

Hassan Wyattide represented the attack of the Miami team, Double 20 points (21, 23 nos) and the crown.

Josh Richardson scored 16 points, while Ronnie McGrath made 15 in the Miami team. The Washington Wizard along with Orlando Magic leaders and Charlotte Hertz together with 2.5 games.

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