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The study by German US researchers found that the first signs of a patient can be remembered about the brain problems of Alzheimer's.

"Alzheimer's disease is not effective, but current treatments will start very late," says Mathis Joker, researcher for the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases. Clinical brain research (HIH).

The director of the study, Jücker, and his colleagues, adopted a different approach to other works to observe the word "death of neurons".

The experiments they developed are in neuromuscular structure, in the structural protein which is part of the internal structure of neurons. When brain neurons are damaged or died, Norphilium touches the seropospinal fluid that is digested in the brain and succulent, where it reaches the blood.


She also collaborated with the researchers at the School of Medicine at the University of Washington, Missouri. When a neurlolation is discovered in cerebral phenylal fluid, this protein in the blood can determine whether high levels of neurological damage are reflected.

Thus, they analyzed data and samples from more than 400 individuals who were part of the study group Alzheimer's Network of Dominant Legacy (DanNN). They include a group of families under the leadership of the Washington University. Due to some genetic variation, the disease occurs at an early age.

At present, 247 people do not have genetic fluctuations and 162 family members.

In people with genetic distinction, the test of early tests increased the rate of neuromusia and the increase in the rest of the period. The rest were very low and stable.

Signs of Alzheimer's have changed for the first 16 years, and Marad changes in blood.

Years later, through the subtle scrutiny and scrutiny of the brain, "the neuropharmatics levels revealed that such topics are more likely to be marked with the disease," to predict the brain mass and loss of brain ".

In addition, high levels of this protein may be a hint of other cirrhosis or injury. Hence the findings of this study can be applied to future brain damage by people with neurodegenerative conditions. Authors.

Now, before patients with Alzheimer's or other neurotenegenitis have been used in this exam, researchers need to determine how much neuromuscular is high in blood and how fast it can be to an anxiety.


A study report in California says that the brainchild of blood vessels will grow old and start with Alzheimer's. It highlights the importance of discovery of this disease.

This will help prevent the passage of harmful cells and other toxins to the brain, and the delay in Alzheimer's growth. Research published a few days ago emphasizes the importance of strengthening these protective vessels.

The study found that people with more memory have the most leakage in brain tissue.

In healthy brain cells, tissue-borne cells form a structural component, causing a disruption in preventing substances that are harmful to the brain.

A Uruguayan work talking about the disease

At the direction of the Uruguayan Hector Gedeo of the French theater Florian Slayer, L & T & # 39; , Alzheimer attempts to influence the character. Simultaneously comedians.

He reveals about Alzheimer's disease and his view of reality. This confuses him and shows something strange and unusual. He was inaugurated last Saturday and started at the L Gallopon Theater in connection with the 70th anniversary of the end of March.

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