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Coinnist gives five million dollars for biscuits at the server. | Crypto News


The South Korean Exchange Coupon's $ 5.3 million was given to customers in Bitcoins. Last week, the coenist reported the incident airdrop In it We are token (WGT)

A airdrop It is a marketing strategy that will give you the tokens you want to promote to your customers who meet your requirements, which is suggested by the distributor of the token. South Korea's local media reported.

Server issues were resolved on January 19, according to recent cinematic reports. It was proved that today's day is near Some users adopted Bitcoins instead of WGT And Korea's official currency South Korea. Now the company works to rebuild transactions to restore its assets, and has asked the company to return the wrong money.

The FIG Home of change They are already informed about their return And half of that by mistake. However, there are some difficulties with some traders who have replaced WGT with Bitcoins, and decided to sell cryptocurrency immediately. At that point, a company spokesperson said that some customers were not able to contact Koenists. He said the unusual transactions could be identified Retirement activities can be considered to be false or stolen.

There were users who claimed to have losses related to the inspection process for 9 hours. However, it pointed out the coinage Not at all There are plans Guaranteed payments to users in case of grievance redemption, Server problem has been entered. even though, They assure you to continue to discuss the subject, but within the organization.

Source I claim to have spoken to a lawyer. If there is a section of the company regarding this situation, this event will not have legal consequences. Those dealing with the event may need some compensation in the future.

Coenest director John Hae said that teenagers could be inconvenienced by computer errors. At the same time, he was committed to strengthening H's culture Transfer platform, So "this does not happen again".

Some background

Coinnest is an open cryptoball in 2017. In South Korea Exchange platforms (above Bimthab and Subsection) have won first place. However, in April 2018, After his fame was compromised The CEO has been arrested, Kim I-HavanAnd three other executives.

Cainnest Ik-Huan then confessed that he was banned from the Project Management Train by that incident. In order to avoid such cases, the Exchange Office promised to launch a campaign to disclose foreign investors' accounts and deposits through external agencies. This is to inform your customers about the security of their investments. Currently, Kaunas is still one of the most important platforms in the Asian country.

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