Tuesday , January 31 2023

China will set me megabytes to make a steel giant


Ansal Group chairman has been appointed as chairman of former China's Bosohan Iron and Steel Company. China is aiming to think of merger of both companies and create a steel giant that will keep Aristotle Mutel as the world's largest producer. The subject. Participation of groups of publicly traded groups rose.

Bonanza's parent organization and the Bubu Steel Group Corp will help achieve 100 million metric tonnes annually production target by 2022. The people said that the cooperation between the two countries could produce 60 percent of the production of 10 major plants by 2020.

He said the deal may not be extended, and the project will be changed

(Read: The dollar recovered at 79.56 points on Friday, the ninth.

Bozohan announced on Monday that he resigned from his presidency Dei Zia. The Weibo Account reported that the State Asset Supervision and Administration Commission (Susak) supervised by two companies will bear the highest executive position at Wise Bank in Aiesel.

Analescale is the third largest steelworker in China. Bio is the product of the mega mergers two years back. According to the World Steel Association, both the steel companies produced 101 million tonnes of steel in 2018. By the end of last year, their total revenue was 493,000 million yuan (71,000 US dollars), with US dollar valued at US $ 69,000 million.

China, the world's largest steel producer, will be able to improve public sector through improvement, productivity and reduction of pollution. There are rumors about the merger with any companies. A report by the month of September was discussed with the bahu for acquiring the Mangal Group Holding Company.

Sasak did not respond to a fax request. The spokespersons of BOSUs in Shanghai, Ansthan, Anshan and Liang were not aware of the Lion Plan.

The shares in the listed divisions rose and the previous loss was deducted. Shohan and origin steady grew 3.4 per cent year-on-year. The Shanghai Hydro Packaging Company raised the maximum price difference allowed on the stock exchanges.

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