Monday , June 5 2023

Cancer: A discovery confirms a blood transfusion within the long bone


A study conducted Anika Group, Scientist Duisburg-Essen University (Germany)The presence of channels in the area of ​​bones, the so-called endostos, exterior and peristamia are revealed.

Long bones are driven vertically into their main axis that connect the interiors with the outermost part of the compartment bone to remove the neutrophy, which defends itself from the effects. Though used in the rye exits of the investigation, humans are known to have the same pits, so not only in the long-range but also on the surface of the brain and on the surface of the brain, and also the synovial fluid.

Transcortical vessels (TCVs), passage of cells, restorations of bone, and inflammation. The discovery of a blood transfusion within the rat's long bones helps us to seek special treatments for sponsoloropotytes, and to recycle the bone structure, their physiology, and their function.

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