Friday , September 30 2022

Can social networks cause depression?


According to research, spending more time on social networks increases the risk of suffering from this disorder.

According to the research published by the Social and Clinical Psychology Journal, spending so much time on social networks increases loneliness, which can lead to depression, which has a "subtle comparison" with other users.

143 students used Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Scientists have started surveying the mood and the well-being of volunteers who were dedicated to social networks with the help of the iPhone's statistics.

Subsequently, students are divided into two groups. In the first group that served as a group group, students "surfing" on social networks, and the second group did not spend more than ten minutes on each social network a day.

Three decades later, psychologists conducted seven identical surveys after the experiment, fearing itself away from social support, environment, dictatorship, anxiety, depression, self esteem and self-approval.

Finally, studies have shown that loneliness and depression are directly dependent on what we spend on social networks. Members of the experimental group show less symptoms than the members of the control group.

One of the main investigators of the study, Melissa G. Hunt says, "Getting less attention to social networks makes us less of it."

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