Thursday , September 29 2022

Caffeine may cause you some pain


This is good news for coffee lovers.

Caffeine is known for its stimulating and vigorous capacity, which is why people are usually prepared to end it or work long hours.

Scientists have discovered that if you use a cup of coffee alone, it's a scientific cause and will protect you from pain.

Research: The Harry Professional Diary Corry is linked to experimental pain sensitivity in a social-based sample. This was done by researchers at the University of Alabama. This drink constantly changes the process of pain signals to burn down.

"The latest research suggests that it is a useful tool for reducing pain sensitivity, helping people to control it, and millions of people use caffeine as a regular diet.

Use of caffeine in a laboratory setting is good; Or adding drugs is the quality that can be released from pain.

However, the influence of caffeine consumption in the food has a lot of impact. We planned to fix this gap. "Research was conducted by the associate professor of the University of Alabama at Bermenham University.

After analyzing 62 people who burned the constant consumption of alkaloids as food, they analyzed it. Awareness on heat and pressure has been declining.

Consumption of 100 mg / day caffeine consumed 5 degrees Celsius during the period of pain, 31.2 kg of skin was equivalent to pressure pain.

It proved to be a precedent to prove it, which gradually increased and, on the other hand, under pressure from the trapsi.

If you drink coffee to experience more active and vigorous, now you have proven to be strong!

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