Thursday , February 9 2023

Cabello invited Venezuela to participate in the election simulation


Photo: Viston Bravo

(Caracas, November 7, News 24)– Psuv's first vice president, Diosdado Cabello revolutionary and wanted to Chavista Terrorism Participate in the election simulation before the December 9 municipal elections.

"There's a Sunday afternoon, we have to attend this Sunday," emphasized me from Melissa in the guards' wallet Mel Mozo.

In that entity 153 councilors will be elected. Of these, 107 are listed in the nomination papers and 46 are listed.

"If we're 153 winners who are in danger, the right partner or their problem, the place where they leave us, the place we have to hide," Cabello said.

In the December 9th elections Of the 335 municipalities in the country, 2,000 are 459 councilors and councilors..

The National Electoral Council (CNNA) has approved the electronic electoral registrar (CNA) in the municipal elections of 2018. Venezuela, 20 million 474 of the 204704 voters, has a ten-year permanent residence, including 7,000 foreign nationals and foreigners.

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