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Bitcoin Cash ABC may offer you the risk of updating Crypto News


A research done by BitMeks Research Bitcoin Cash ABC is a new Post-Battery update that introduces some of the harmful practices for some protocols.

Bitcoin ABC has upgraded its client, a new 0.18.5 version, each 10 blocks combine control points. According to the developers of this update, the purpose of blocking Block Restore Attacks (Embracing), On November 15 after a series of threats to the Bitcoin Cash Network (BCH). However, when updating the update string and lowering the risk of writers, A new attack veteran is introduced to exploit malicious mines, According to bitmix.

In the publication of the BitMEX Research team, cryptoactives change home, the update allows an alternative attack Restore. As they explain, checkpoints on every 10 blocks will allow a section of "honest chains", ie the main chain. Immediately after the Block 10 was built, From that point onwards the attacker was attacked against a hidden parallel chain. In this way, some miners in the main Bitcoin cash ABC network break the malicious block first, while others will undermine the honest blocks.

Researchers at BitMEX believe that control points for "Bitcoin Cash ABC Network" may be "Conflict". In addition, the possibility of creating a division in a consensual synthesis could have "adversely affect the blocks".

On the other hand, Bitcoin developer Eric Wall believes that even checkers in all 10 blocks will open the possibilities of "early synchronization" or network nodes attack. Temporarily disconnected.

According to the tail, the nicknamed nicknames can receive the first malicious chain blocks, which in turn will reject the chain of honesty. BitMeX claims that Bitcoin ABC update moves this feature from suggesting bitcoin white paper in Bitcoin, "Nodes can drag and reuse custom." This changed the need for 24/7 to have nodes online.

The tail highlights it This is required in 10 blocks to take over the network control. The attack said, According to developer, It costs about Rs 27,000 and a 51% need of the processing power needed for the attack. In fact, The computer is making sure The control of the malicious network is only required by an antimony S9.

Bitcoin Cash Not only are challenges facing 0.18.5 version of ACCC, but also anti-counter attack. Another point of criticism of new execution is that it "gives developers more power, increases concentration". Lecturer and Builders Andreas Antonopolos in Bitcoin said Twitter account On decent networks, "we must be skeptical about the transition change."

For this reason, BDMEX included these control points and did not give the developers more strength., Unlike the control points of the Bitcoin network, the new version of the Bitcoin ABC client was "not for teams that developed the points through the node software."

However, the inclusion of these safety points of the BTEE's website is unclear how a "considerable progress" indicates the safety of the ABC network.

Researchers believe that the new Bitcoin ABC Client update has never been "correctly explored" before the update was released. Beyond all, ingenuity points are a fundamental change in motion dynamism.

After the threat, that struggle

Bitcoin cache pre-breathement threats are plenty. The ecosystem came from threatening and threatening the mines. Despite the threats, the division was going on, and it started rebuilding the Bitcoin Cash ABC.

Days after the launch of the update, the Bitcoin SV promoter Calvin Ari, the SVV in Bitcoin is the original Bitcoin Cash. In addition, the head of the Koenigiee agreed not to take legal action against those who attacked his website a week earlier or those who attacked his website.

Developers and Promoters in Bitcoin Cash ABC can not postpone this.

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