Saturday , May 21 2022

Avoid thousands of stickers to use the app on the iPhone


In the United States – WhatsApp has gained a setback now. According to several reports, Apple will remove thousands of stickers from your App Store Recently, Facebook has announced a live messaging app that is owned by the company and is the latest innovation in the platform. It has already happened in its highest rival telegram.

This is because, according to the site WaBetaInfo, the app and Kupernini violate the usage policies of the app store. Stickers will be paused For all iOS devices the moment, iPhone and iPad indicate Unocero on its website.

Because of the violation of app store policies, telegram (such as when you upload them to telegram servers when you use stickers), apps like stickers and packs that you want (apps) you want to install.

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This is the exact list of the violations:

  1. There are many similar apps.
  2. They want to install WhatsApp. Apps do not need other apps.
  3. The design of these applications is the same.

These rules can be found in Point 4 of the Revision Guidelines for App Store. This section prevents "copying the last popular app in the app store" or "changing the name of another application or making some changes to the user interface" which you own.

In the moment, All sticker packages for iOS have been deleted They can not be extended until the changes are made. WhatsApp has not yet been announced, but you should provide your stickers package within the platform to avoid such issues.

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