Thursday , May 13 2021

Argentina's children below 30 years are overweight

The National Health Secretariat estimates that changes in lifestyle, rapid pace and socioeconomic conditions are industrialized and promote the use of hyper-caloric foods.

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Various food items in children and teens show high calorie and nutritional deficiencies in schools. In parallel, as the last World Survey in the School Held in Argentina (2012) suggests, the opportunities for physical activity decreased and the amount of time spent for silent activities increased. In the case of a rise in excess weight in childhood and childhood obesity in Argentina, data is alarming.
According to the latest official figures, 28.6% of Argentina are teenagers and obese. It is estimated that 10.4% of children in the age group of six to six years old are obese. A study by the World School Health Survey 2012 with the UNICEF in partnership with Argentina and the World Union Heart Foundation (FINIC) in 2012 has been under severe blood pressure 31. Low socio-economic situation
"Changes in lifestyle changes, rapid speed and socio-economic conditions are promoted as industrialized and the use of hyper-caloric foods, with plenty of fat and earthwatthan body development, growth and proper functioning, which makes them overweight and obese in children, and Norma Isabel Guezikarianian, Barceló Fonday Shan was the director of nutritional life.
The WHO believes that childhood obesity does not decrease food intake and reduction in physical activity. But there are socio-economic factors that are affected by this disease. "Food products, education, processing, distribution, marketing, environment and transport are some of them," he said. Long-term illnesses with hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglycemia and other conditions.
In that sense, "For this reason, it is important that childhood preventing obesity begins in the first years." "It's easy to take care of adolescents since childhood and adolescence and adolescence are the healthier way of life and we have the best weapons to avoid overload," he said. "In this process, the role of the family is fundamental, encouraging children to exercise physical exercise and participate in their nutritional programs".
The National Alliance for Resisting Children in Children and Adolescents has launched a publication providing a range of recommendations and a good practice to promote healthy school environmental policies in the state supported by UNICEF Argentina and FAI Argentina.
Encourage these environmental policies and encourage policies including economic policies, regulation of adverts in previous labeling and low nutritional status, and encouraging States to prevent and control epidemics
In the publication, organizations proposed positive approaches to adopting healthy school environments.

International donors to treat children

Representative of the Smile Train International Foundation adopted Health Minister Ricardo Cardoso in yesterday's Province. With the help of children's care, treatment for children will be supported. Juan Pablo II at Pediatric Hospital ", but the new health center will go through the cooperation of that healthcare corporation.
The meeting at the headquarters of the Health Department included members of the co-director of the Pediatric Hospital under the leadership of Nellie Rosa Bascaglia.
"This interpretation between the Foundation and the hospital collaborator is a major contributor to the multidisciplinary team of pediatric surgeons working with the pediatrician for years together with the pediatrician." – said Ricardo Cardozo.
"We welcome the initiative, of course, we uphold and support the activity of specialists who interact with children with this illness," he added.
For its part, explained the President of rice baskagigliyayute kupperrar Rosa: "We smile, we got the train to the International Foundation representative, kearin'yensile team of professionals with the support of the Ministry of Public Health 40 years ago and is now in the hospital pintamik kearin'yerrasinre a place where children Chiki, who has worked vikalarnna With this support is added to improve the international basis for peace. "
It will start working with the Smile Triumph from this month and will be monitored and monitored by the Smooth Trainees, a financial contribution to each operation. This contribution will be accepted by the corporate in the hospital and back to the multinational state. "

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