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# 28Nov, who was a priest and a persecutor of the persecution

Archbishop of Maliaca, Suria State, Jose Luis Azouj, sentenced to 12 years in prison for the persecution of Papon Ivan Merino. This has now forced the priest, who was suspended from the ministry, to arrest him.

The order was ordered by the Order of Order of Public Relations in the month of November 24th, following the finding from a car underage age of 12 years for public St. Mary's Church.

The case against child protection, children and adolescents in the hands of the Public Prosecutor's Office.

Agence bishop Egmel Carbullo asks the pardon of the elders, family members and the community of the congregation, because they are harmed by us, to suspect their faith, to encourage the sin of the so-called, and follow them in the path following in Jesus Christ. "

They show this "deceitful act and all kinds of sexual abuse in a strong and powerful manner, especially if a priest has done such a thing."

Augustinian memorials are already "preceded by the Code of Conduct in Canon's Law, the Criminal Acts of Criminal Law, and the Protocol established by the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference, and justice and corruption are reformed and the corrupt priests reopen."

This is done by following the provisions of the State of Venezuela in the Bolivian Republic and respected.

The communications reported that his father, Ivan Merino, was banned using the "priestly training of the Archdiocese of Marasobo".

Cosmopolitanism repeated its promise to prevent these cases from happening again. When the high priests remembered that "they were offering life for love," the love for them to pray was "the truth, the free will, the peace and the righteousness of the Holy Spirit." The new wine rejoices in hope. & # 39;

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